I have finished reading this book. The author is familiar with technical writing in English. In order to explain technical matter, you had better use simple words, not technical terms. This applies to every language. In the same way, when you speak in English, it is better to use simple English. So, the author recommends to use SV, SVC, and SVO. Only three English words can make people to understand what you say. This is summary of this book.

I like this idea. We, the user of English as a second language, use English unfamiliarly. This may be so long, I think. We would be unfamiliar with this language until we die. We should regard English as only a tool for communication. Tools are easier to use as it is simpler and simpler.


I finished reading this book.It is the second time.

To eat something is the very every day matters.It is a life itself.So, when someone talk about eating or food, he or she is talking about his or her life.To love eating is to love living your life, I think.This is why you had better stick to eating.If you buy something at convenience store for your lunch every day, you shall lose something in your life.But too much sticking to eating causes the same result.


Last Sunday, I bought new shoes.Today,I wore the new shoes for the first time, and went to my office.Instead of working overtime yesterday, I would work today. But on my way to the office I detoured to District-K.Over ten years ago, I went to there everyday.So, the scenery reminds me of youthful days.In those days, I was active and interested in what I saw, heard, and did.Now, I don’t.I want power.The power is what I had when I was young,especialy in the first half of my twenties.My new shoes fits me very well.I believe that my shoes gives me new strength.


I got so tired that I gave up working overtime at Friday night.Colleagues were still working, but I felt like getting away.And then, I left the office and dropped by a book store.I picked up some books but didn’t buy anything.

It is raining continuously.I feel sleepy very much.

Bye for now.

English Post from now on

At last, I need to speak English in my company.

About ten years ago, I had written a blog in English.It was a company training.But I had done it only for one month.The busyness of my work kept me from learning English.

Now, I have NO choice.I have to attend a meeting with my foreign colleagues,and speak English.

To practice speaking English,I am going to write this blog in English, again.Please read my English,and leave a comment.That will encourage me to learn English.

Sincerely, from today!




最近新しいお店ができた。WACCAに天狼院ができて、早速行ってきたけど、品揃えはまだまだこれからという感じがした。本屋と言う割には本棚が少なくないか?? 次は池袋駅前店にちゃんと行ってこようと思うんですが。あと、丸善も見てきたけど、あそこは本はなし。たんなる文房具屋。そしてカフェもあるんだけど、一階で調理したのを二階にわざわざ店員が持っていっていて、しかもそれが普通にお客が昇り降りするのと同じ階段を行ったり来たりしているので、なんか店員も大変だし、そんな埃っぽいところを通り抜けたカレーを誰も食べたくないんじゃないか?? とかいらぬ心配をしたりした。あゆみブックス無き今、通い詰める本屋が欲しい今日のこの頃。




お盆休み中は結構頑張って会社に行ったのだけれど、貯金は瞬く間に使い果たされていってしまう。まあでもたまには人間らしい文化的な生活を一週間楽しめたのでよしとするか。休みでリフレッシュするって本当にそんなことあり得るのかな? 日曜日の夜に「明日から仕事だ、がんばるぞい」ってならないよね? どうしたらなるのかな? たくさん寝ること? 運動すること? それとも休みに仕事をやって少しでも人より前に進んでいること? え……。